Peter Rohne, PMP,

    Project Manager @ IBM

I worked side-by-side as project manager with Brian for approximately 3 years at Agriculture Canada (AAFC).  I recommend Brian because he has an excellent understanding of the project management discipline and has consistently applied his skills and experience in the delivery of application development and maintenance projects at AAFC.

The client was always thrilled with his performance and he has an excellent working relationship with the team.

He is professional, very organized, and produces output like nobody I've seen.

Most important of all is his easy going disposition and good sense of humor!


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Dennis Sereda, PMP,

    Project Manager @ Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

I worked with Brian on a very large and complex custom application development project.  As my test manager, Brian did an outstanding job of setting up his team and leading them through the entire test life cycle.  He continually improved processes and methods through feedback cycles and lessons learned. Brian is very organized, personable and above all a natural leader.


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Mike Bonar,

    Load Tester @ Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Brian is a very capable project manager.  He was very effective leading the test team, and I would recommend him for future projects.



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Troy Nott,

    Senior Product Manager @ MTS Allstream

I’ve been around long enough to know that Brian is a rare find.  I’m not sure where to start - our working relationship has focused on building and changing new and existing products and services for MTS Allstream.  His passion, commitment and determination to reach our goals more than achieve anyone’s expectations of him - but he takes it to another level.  Brian possesses the ability to immediately understand the projects goals which has resulted - on more than one occasion - to allow the team to alter directions or make decisions to avoid delays or worse yet - disappointment.  The result of this skill has not only saved our company resources but has safe guarded the customer experience.  If I had to describe it to someone - I would say it’s a perfect mix of intelligence and insightfulness. Of course I haven’t even mentioned his attention of detail, professionalism and the prompt manner in which he conducts his work.


On a personal note - folks within our organization enjoy working with Brian - including myself. I know why.  When times are tough and the ball is not rolling in our direction his calm demeanor and "we can work something out" attitude is unwavering. It’s reassuring.  I’m not sure if you can put a value on this - there is no diploma. If there was - he would have graduated with honors. And last but not least - he has become a good friend.


Thanks Brian for your time - the differences you made to our company and to our customers will be felt for years to come.



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Craig Wilson, PMP,

    PDC Project Manager @ MTS Allstream

I have worked with Brian on a number of projects over the past two years and the caliber of his work and his willingness to do whatever it takes to get the results required would ensure that we would not hesitate to hire him again.



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Bev Pancoe,

    Application Support Project Leader @ Agriculture and

    Agri-Food Canada

Brian was employed by EDS and worked as a contractor for the Department of Agriculture providing computer business solutions and developing major farm programs. During his lengthy tenure with us, Brian proved to be an extremely dedicated and hard working developer and business analyst. Brian thrived on challenges and hectic development schedules. He could quickly and effectively handle all obstacles that were thrown in his way. As an analyst Brian was conscientious and thorough. Brian would always provide carefully thought out options when recommending solutions.


Brian was very well liked by all who worked with him. He was helpful and attentive to what others had to say. His advice and expertise was often sought out by many in the business and IT ranks, as well as his fellow developers. His vast knowledge of the system, auto client functions, process account, internal/external receivables and analysis and programming skills are impeccable.


If you require an honest individual, with integrity, analytical skills, you need not to look any further, Brian is the whole package.



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Danielle Stott,

    Insurance Operations Trainer @ Manitoba Public Insurance

First and foremost Brian Wawryk is an amazing project manager! He barely ever goes home and when he does, he usually takes work with him. Brian is synonymous with "brain". You can always feel comfortable approaching Brian for the the answer you need (he almost always has it).


I learnt much from working with Brian. He quickly picked up our business and was able to incorporate ways to make the workload more manageable and the workers more efficient. He is the definition of professional -- be it in dealings with co-workers, external contractees or management. Brian is not simply part of a team, he is consistently the team's fearless leader. It was a pleasure to work with Brian Wawryk and an honour to meet him; a privilege I hope to have again some day!


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